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MedICT is established in March 2003 by a management buy-out from Stoas GreenWise IM & T.

The mission of MedICT is to provide services and ICT solutions based on a down-to-earth approach. Commitment and customer satisfaction are keywords of the company. 

MedICT's major fields of operation are: logistics and health, management information systems and project management systems.

One of MedICT's challenging products is SIGMED, the logistic business software for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The knowledge and expertise in this domain is based on more that 10 years experience.

MedICT has developed FoCaMed, a software package to forecast drug requirements. The software has been developed on request by and with support of the Department of Medicines Policy and Standards (PSM) of the World Health Organization. It is a tool for estimating medicine requirements as part of procurement planning for chronic diseases.

Since 2005 MedICT is involved in the EU "Benghazi Action Plan for HIV/AIDS", Libya. Activities are focused on the development and implementation of a new Management Information System for the Benghazi Centre for Infectious Diseases and Immunology. This project , which is executed by the Belgium Red Cross (French speaking), is extended till June 2009.

In the last couple of years activities of MedICT shifted from software product development to IT consultancies, especially in the field of Health Information Systems and drug procurement systems.

MedICT will continue to work closely together with ETC Crystal and MDF. Consultancies are frequently carried for HERA and AEDES.