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SIGMED Lite - Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Tool

SIGMED Lite is a computerized drug management information system for Health Facilities and Pharmacies. It encompasses all functions of supply chain management. These include: forecasting and planning, procurement, warehousing, inventory management and sales.

The software package is developed to support the management of Health Facility drug warehouses / pharmacies and to replace out-of-date or non existent pharmacy management systems. It is an user-friendly and easy-to-use tool improving medical supply management

SIGMED Lite is not designed to operate in a client-server environment; the database will be located on the computer where you install SIGMED Lite.

This LITE version is derived from SIGMED, the drug management information system for Medical Stores.

A 30-days free-trial beta version of the SIGMED Lite is available now. Read the Installation Notes before installing the software.
The trial beta version enables you to evaluate SIGMED Lite on your system before making a purchase decision. The trial version contains all the functionality of the regular version, but can only be used for a limited time. Please note that this beta version is being tested at the moment. The official release is due in November 2005. Some functionality of the SIGMED Lite might change.

MedICT can provide support in setting up SIGMED Lite for your organization. Contact us for more details.

Click here to download a 30-days free-trial beta version of SIGMED Lite.

Click here to download the User Manual of SIGMED Lite.

Click here to download the Installation Notes.

When you decide to purchase SIGMED Lite, the demo version will be unlocked after receipt of the payment. This means that you will be able to continue working with your data that you have entered during the trial period.