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SIGMED Information Guide - PROCUREMENT

The Information Guide contains an overview of SIGMED’s functionality. This chapter comprises: Procurement. It describes the different methods of procurement SIGMED can handle. Step by step the difference phases in the procurement process are discussed.

Screenshots are presented at the right-hand side of the page. Click it for expanded view mode.

Keywords: Methods, Type of stock, List of Requirements, Submission of Bids,  Evaluation and awarding, Purchase Orders, Shipments,  Monitoring

SIGMED is operational at the Pharmacie Populaire du Mali (PPM) in Mali and at Central Medical Stores (CMS), Malawi.

The data used in this Information Guide are test data used at CMS, Malawi. They do not reflect a real situation. MedICT wishes to acknowledge CMS Malawi for their cooperation.

Download this chapter: InformationGuideChapterII.zip (1.36 MB)

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