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2.2 Submission: registration of bids

The next step in the procurement process is the registration of the bids of suppliers (tenders). New suppliers have to be registered first (see chapter 8 Contacts). Figure 2.8 displays an example of the supplier’s bid registration form.

For comparison purposes all bids are expressed in the base currency, applying the actual exchange rate. For each quotation the country of origin, the name of the manufacturer and the estimated lead time (expressed in weeks) are registered as well.

Quality control is restricted to a checklist to see whether the bid complies with the tender specifications. Based on the results a score is generated. It is expressed on a scale from full compliance (+R) to non-compliance (-).

2.3 Evaluation of the bids

When the quotations of all suppliers have been registered, SIGMED enables the user to evaluate and to award the bids. The product items are alphabetically listed in the grid (Fig. 2.9). The button ‘refresh ranking’ calculates the default ranking of the bid for each product item, which is based on the lowest bid price.

For each product item one (or more) supplier(s) can be awarded. In case of awarding more suppliers for one product, the quantity to supply by the supplier can be changed. In the example of Figure 2.7 Nicotinamide – 50 mg – tin 1000 tabs has been awarded to two suppliers. Each supplier will deliver 200 units.

After awarding the supplier (Column “award = Y”) SIGMED generates automatically a purchase order and a shipment. The form behind the button <Suppliers…> will show the awarded order items of the selected supplier (Figure 2.10).





Figure 2.8 Bid registration
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Figure 2.9 Bid evaluation
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Figure 2.10 Order item list
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