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For regular procurement CMS may implement Pre-qualification. In this case limited tendering by way of Limited International Bidding (LIB) can be used. LIB is identical to ICB in most respects but uses direct invitation to a number of relevant, eligible, potential bidders. 

Shopping is a simplified procurement method, only used for goods, where a number of quotations (at least three) are sought and compared. It is used:

          to procure readily available, off-the-shelf goods of standard
      specification or

         to obtain supplies for the continuation of existing works or
  for urgently required goods.

Because there is virtually no competition, Direct Ordering or Single Source Ordering is the method that offers the least chance for lower prices. Direct Ordering or Single Source Ordering may be used for: 

       extension of existing works or continuity of successful services (e.g., from one phase to another on the same project would be of benefit to the project);

       standardization of equipment or spare parts which can only be procured from the original supplier;

       proprietary goods that are available from only one source or the required expertise is unique or proprietary;

       the purchase of critically needed components needed as part of a larger project; and

       emergency arising from a disaster or accident requiring prompt action.  

Procurement methods for non-catalogue items constitutes tendering (restricted, open) and outsourcing.

The procurement process starts with product selection, normally based on essential drug lists and programs to promote rational drug use, followed by quantification. SIGMED could play an essential role in this process by providing information about consumption (see chapter 9.1).

In SIGMED all procurement methods follow the same procedure: creation of the List of Requirements (=list of items to be procured through tender), registration of the suppliers bid (submission), evaluation of the bids and awarding (validation), creation of purchase orders and shipments and monitoring.


Sub menu


List of requirements

Basic information of the tender, incl. product item order list.


Bid information of the supplier.


Awarding suppliers. Ranking is based in bid price.

Splitting purchase order

A purchase order can be split into 2 or more. The default is one purchase order.

Splitting shipment

The supplier sometimes split the order into 2 or more shipments. The default is one shipment.


All relevant information of each shipment of a supplier