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9. Management Information

In several ways the Management Information module of SIGMED is an important tool in making the business operations transparent and efficient (Fig. 9.1). In the first place, it provides aggregated information of all business transactions (e.g. sales, receipts, transfers). Secondly, statistics are provided (e.g. supplier prices, products to expires, stock). Thirdly, it guides staff members in their decisions (e.g. stock order levels). Lastly, it allows the user to react fast and adequate on unforeseen situations (e.g. tracking and tracing recall of products).

In most cases data is presented in two ways: aggregated by financial year or by period defined by the user. This enables the user to create weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The data presented by the screenshots of this chapter do not reflect the real situation.

9.1 Procurement

Management Information about the Procurement process constitutes statistics on procurement status, suppliers and stock levels. An important tool is the Quantification sub-module, which assists the user in determining the quantity to procure or  re-order levels (Fig. 9.2).






Figure 9.1 Menu Management Information
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Figure 9.2 Procurement
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