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FoCaMed tool for forecasting HIV/AIDS commodities


Forecasting and Costing of Medicines
- Module for HIV/AIDS commodities -

Version 1 - 2008

FoCaMed version 2 will be released in April 2009

FoCaMed software package has been developed on request by and with support of the Department of Medicines Policy and Standards (PSM) of the World Health Organization. It is a tool for estimating medicine requirements as part of procurement planning for chronic diseases.

FoCaMed is a software package for calculating supply needs and budget implications of patients (adults and children) with a chronic disease (AIDS) who are on different treatment regimens and using different formulations (syrup, tab/cap, mono-, duo-, triple combinations, first, alternative and second line treatment) for a group of patients coming regularly to a clinic and when planning for scaling up (accepting a group of new patients). Electronic patient cards and monitoring of individual patient attendance with an alert feature is available.

FoCaMed can be applied as a stand-alone package for a disease programme. The software package can be used in a decentralized setting where data of hospitals, health centres and selected retail pharmacies can be collected and consolidated at a central point for statistical and procurement planning purposes. An electronic data transfer feature is possible.

It can also be integrated in medicine information systems of health care facilities. FoCaMed can be integrated into a comprehensive hospital management information system, provided that the same platform is used (MS Access /SQL Server database). The functionality of electronic prescription transfer from a doctor's clinic to the hospital pharmacy department is available.